'happiness can't be bought.

We are changing the world one smile at a time.

We are a team of experts and ordinary people alike, but all of us are striving for perfection regarding your happiness. 'hæppi was born in 2019, after a complex research combining bioengineering, psychology and soul searching journey. That lead us to pioneering innovation, that will turn the world of wellbeing upside down.

{ We are here to challange Your reality.

Everything we do we do with care and integrity, so you can enjoy our humble solution 100% carefree. We love to get personal, so we have prepared a questionarre for You, so we can really get to know You and tailor the solution with Your needs at the center of our attention. The only thing we ask for is Your absolute honesty.

{ We genuinely believe that we can make a difference.

Our product is manufactured and bottled in Denmark with great care and devotion.

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we do care

We know there is no Planet B.

We use recyclable, dark glass bottles, so we can avoid using chemical preservatives.

We limit the use of plastic wherever possible.

We find animals happy enough, so we don’t test our solutions on them.

{ The biggest reward
is seeing people getting better.

There were days when I found myself worrying. So many people passing me on the street trapped in their misery, pale faces, gloomy eyes, without a slightest promise of the smile. It broke my heart.

Being a fresh mother changed my perspective, I didn’t want my little one to grow up in a such a sad world. I started to search for people passionate about helping to rise awareness about wellbeing.

― Naja Sørensen, the founder

/ nobody can give you the ultimate recipe for happiness